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Everyday it’s the same thing… more demands, more commitments, more STRESS! You’re rushing around and feeling uptight and utterly EXHAUSTED.

It feels like you are DROWNING in quicksand; the more you do, the further BEHIND you get.

Your brain never shuts off...and neither does your phone.

You BARELY have time to think, let alone relax.

You’re feeling beat up, badly bruised and BROKEN.

THIS isn’t the life you dreamed of creating...what you’ve worked so HARD for.

You deserve more.

Hi! I’m Lanette Pottle.

I’m a success coach and retreat leader who helps ambitious women stress less and achieve more.

I understand how you’re feeling because I was where you are now, in the deep depths of despair… a highly ambitious achiever on the fast track to burnout.

With special projects, committees, and volunteer roles -- not to mention my regular workload and the demands of parenting five kids -- I was WAY overcommitted.

What started out feeling like awesome opportunities that would move me forward and look great on my resumeended up being things I resented because they completely drained my energy; they stole my joy.

After a lot of trial and error … and yes, a few tears and meltdowns, too…I found a way out.

I began making smarter decisions that generated time and helped me get life back.

I’ve organized the foolproof process I used into three practical steps to make it easy for you to do the same;  



Are you ready to invite PASSION back into your life?

Do you want  to create space for the SIMPLE things that bring you JOY?

Are you open to feeling ENERGIZED by EVERYTHING you do?

Then it’s time to join me inside THE TIME CREATION COURSE where I’ll teach you how to
effortlessly gain an hour (or more) of blissful time each day without relying on expensive tools, complicated time management strategies or band-aid productivity hacks, using my simple 3-step Time Generating Process.

I’m a big believer that it doesn’t have to be complicated to work. I’ve actually proven that in my own life and in the lives of my clients so you can bank on this being a no fluff, simple to implement, kind-of course.

When you put what you learn into action, it will not only allow you to generate time, it will  help you feel better physically and emotionally... allowing you to focus your energy on what matters to you most.


Join me inside the course and let’s get started today.



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Eavesdrop on what students from around the world are saying...

"Lanette’s style of teaching is clear but also, patient, I felt like she was right there by my side encouraging me to be a better me! I really needed this to reassess my goals and values. This course hits on core values that are important to me, but I let slip due to the minutia of day to day living." - S.H., Maine


"I found this course very helpful. Lanette’s enthusiasm and infectious presentation style had me totally immersed. I already feel less stressed and more focused on how best to use my time now and going forward." - S.G., Scotland


"This was a big eye opener for me. If you take the time to do the homework, I guarantee you’ll find more time in your day to do what really matters to you. By using the 20 Second Decision Making Model, it helps you stay aligned with your true self. The course is quick and to the point, which is good when we are all so busy to begin with!" - V.T., Arizona


"This course was timely (pun intended!) Clear, concise, and compelling. Lanette has jammed packed this course with great content and delivers it in a way that feels effortless to work through the modules. I enjoyed Lanette’s enthusiasm and looked forward to each video to hear what she had to say. This course helped me change my perspective on time and I especially loved the myth busting." - C.W., Canada


"Even though I would consider myself a ‘Time conscious’ individual, this easy to follow course with its helpful resources helped me to identify where I had over-committed myself and therefore given away my time in the areas not fulfilling my life intentions. Diving into what I want to feel, what I value and what I want to achieve allowed me to get clarity over where I am ‘spending’ rather than ‘investing’ my time and see how I can create more time in the areas I desire." - R.H., England