Whether we work together for one on one coaching, in a small group setting, or as part of a large organization-wide event, you can count on me to deliver energizing, practical, results-driven content. 



I work 1:1 with clients to help them set and achieve goals in all areas of their lives.  This process creates alignment and a better sense of balance while accomplishing measurable results. 



I bring energy and enthusiasm to success principle based topics. Through an experiential approach, participants experience quick wins, meaningful breakthroughs and tangible results. 



I host retreats in locations ranging from rustic to luxurious, that are the perfect backdrop to reconnect with your dreams and desires and help you access  your inner wisdom. 

"After she presented training at our manager's retreat, it was clear that Lanette could add value to our entire organization. She did not disappoint. She's made the process of making 'Enhancing Personal Effectiveness' workshops available to our state-wide staff go seamlessly.  Workshops have been well attended and highly reviewed. We're hearing how the concepts have helped employees  -- but even better, we are witnessing positive results in the workplace"

- Danielle Caricofe, Senior VP Human Resources, Machias Savings Bank