Typical Meeting Agenda (90 minutes)


- Welcome/ Introductions

- Member Business Spotlight

- Masterminding Moments

- Skill-Building/Development Training

- Close/Announcements


Our meetings are generally held from 5:30 - 7:00 at an eating establishment.  (Meals are optional and at your own expense.) 

Your $10 meeting contribution (paid at the door at each meeting) is applied to our Rising Tide Network Business Grant Fund.  All members who attend four or more meetings during the calendar year are eligible to receive a cash award in December. Grants can be used to offset the cost of training or equipment that will aide in the growth of your business. 


*The amount and number of grants provided is dependent upon donations collected. In order to be eligible to receive a grant you must attend four or more meetings in the calendar year. 

**Special thanks to our fiscal sponsor, ALCONA, for providing support with the backend process of managing the Rising Tide Grant. 





I created the Rising Tide Network in January 2017 as a place for positive-minded, solution-focused women in business in Washington County, Maine to gather.  We are a growing group that meets the first Monday of each month in alternating locations between Calais and Machias, Maine.   Each meeting provides an opportunity to practice and develop skills in a safe environment. It's a place to learn, grow, and nurture relationships. Collaboration and support are in abundant supply! 


The Rising Tide Network...

"...is a great resource for ideas, problem solving or just the gentle push you need to move on in your business venture. I feel so empowered when I leave the meetings and think to myself, I don't want the meeting to end. Also, Lanette does an outstanding job facilitating the meeting and makes you think outside the box. If you're a business women this group is a must!!!"                                                             -Winnie Johnson, Pixie Dust Cleaning Services

"...has opened the door for me to learn from like-minded women in business. I have been able to build true relationships and friendships. The group has also pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have grown as a person and business owner. It has been a safe place to bounce ideas off of and also receive some amazing ideas." - Rebecca Robicheau, Empowering Fashion Chick

"... brings businesswomen together to learn from each other's experiences, successes, and mistakes too! It's refreshing to be able to ask for advice or help, and know that the members of the group are not only sympathetic and understanding, but often have knowledge that you can apply to your own situation."  -Nancy Asante, The Commons

"... has given me wonderful connection with strong, powerful local women, that I would have probably never met without this group. I can safely say that myself confidence has moved a few levels upward due to the honest support I have been blessed with. " - Amy Wood, Amy's Cleaning Services

... has been valuable to me and my business by connecting me with like-minded women entrepreneurs who also value connections with strong women. We all have a unique perspective; each representing a facet of the entrepreneurial diamond. I have found resources for my primary business and many more that help in other areas of my life. I am blessed by my Rising Tide Sisters!"                     - Andrea Guerra, Posh - Home Of The Frugal Fashionista

"...is a catalyst for education, support, awareness, and ultimately, empowerment. I am much more likely to source local entrepreneurs as a result of my broadening appreciation of the tremendous talent pool in our area. I especially like hearing about the impetus and vision behind each business endeavor."                                - Cindy Thompson, Conservapix

"...has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for marketing and looking at how I can grow. 
Being a self employed massage therapist, it can get isolating, making it difficult to constantly rev up my 'business energy.' Observing women's strengths and sometimes feeling my own because of their sharing, listening to women's  business concerns and finding I sometimes have had a suggestion for a possible solution, laughing with like-minded women, these things have all contributed to the pleasure of being part of this wonderful group."
                                                   - - Katherine Holmes,LMT, Suntouched Massage Therapy

 "...is a vital resource for women entrepreneurs. Since being a member, I've had valuable opportunities to network with powerful women and been able to encourage and be encouraged to grow and learn. Being connected with entrepreneurs in our area not only enables us to strengthen our own business but informs us of other businesses. Thank you to Lanette Pottle, who does a fantastic job at facilitating such an integral platform for business women!"                             - Danielle Parker, Skywalkers Bar & Grill