Pure coaching is based in deep questioning. And while our conversations will include A LOT of thought-provoking questions to help you to reconnect to your own wisdom and find solutions, I'll also weave in training, mentoring, and strategic guidance in ways that will help move you toward your goals with more speed, ease, and long-term benefit. 


- Clarify Your Direction 

- Strategize Your Actions 

- Upgrade Your Skills 

- Optimize Your Environment

- Master Your Mindset


Eavesdrop on what my clients are saying...


I gained clarity and was able to find my own voice.

You have a special skill of listening without judging and asking tough questions without expecting a particular response. You took what I shared and help turn it into an action that I could use to dig deeper into what I really wanted during a major life transition. During our time working together, I gained a lot of clarity which helped me to find my own voice.”       - Ashley Hinson Dhakal

I feel more joyful, energetic, and at peace. 

"You are able to draw things out of me that guide me in finding my own solutions. Your coaching has helped me recognize my negative self-talk and to reframe it in effective ways. Since working with you I've gained clarity and felt empowered to make positive changes in my life that have left me feeling more joyful, energetic, and at peace." - Stacey Doten

My courage and confidence to take action has grown. 

“It’s funny…in the past I thought that in order to start my business I needed a business coach, but the truth is I’ve gotten so much done by dealing with my mindset as opposed to working with someone on business specifics. You’ve helped me to navigate some challenging situations. Things I used to experience as road blocks have either gone away or are only day blocks now. My confidence and courage to take action has grown.” - M. Rittenhouse

I set healthy boundaries, protected my energy, and increased my sales by 43%!

”Working with you over the past 6 months helped me increase sales by 43%! With your support, I navigated challenging personal situations without losing sight of my goals. Our work together helped me set healthy boundaries and protect my energy during this period of significant growth.” -Lori Ciaccio



At the heart of all my coaching is support to help you clarify your direction, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, optimize your environment, and master your mindset.



Investment = $7500

In addition to bi-weekly coaching calls, and a private strategy day, ELITE Level clients enjoy a 3-day, in-person visioning retreat in a captivating location, in intimate group settings. (Each event is limited to no more than 6 people) 



Investment = $5000

In addition to bi-weekly coaching calls, Platinum Level Clients enjoy a private, full day strategy session with me.  We'll create an in-depth blueprint aligning personal and professional goals. The strategy session is tailored to each individual and may include tools like the passion test to help create a clearer vision of what you truly want in your life. 


Investment = $2950.

I work with Gold Level clients bi-weekly over the course of 6-months. We'll have 6o-minute calls and in between sessions, you'll be putting your knowledge into action and  implementing strategies and techniques related to your current goals. Email support -- and celebration --  is available between calls.



A coaching relationship is a commitment -- for both you and for me. Because of that, it's important for me to understand your situation and desired outcomes and that you get a feel for my style before we make a commitment to work together.  The way we achieve this is though a 45 - 60 minute discovery call.  

There is no charge for this initial call; it's an investment that lays the groundwork for positive outcomes.  If either of us feels that working together is not a match, I consider it a good thing... better to know that up front than hours into the process. It's not a reflection of who either of us is as a person, it's simply identifying whether synergy exists or doesn't at this particular time. It's about ensuring my approach and your expectations are in alignment.