Success University For Women In Leadership

I'm proud to introduce you to my first co-authored book. 


#1 International Best-Seller

I am one of 20 co-authors (from six countries) who contributed to this collaborative book project.  Our co-authors represent industries as varied as accounting, education, healthcare, human resources, insurance, the military, professional development, petroleum, and the arts.

If you are a leader or aspire to be one, are searching for a leadership mentor that has been where you are, or are embarking on a more significant leadership role, you'll find powerful answers and insights inside the pages of Success University For Women In Leadership.

Listen in as I read the opening of my chapter:

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I've heard from many of you that you wanted a signed copy of the book but were unable to attend a book signing event so I went to work to create a solution.  You can now order your autographed copy of Success University For Women In Leadership here.  (Due to shipping constraints, signed copies are only available in the U.S. at this time) 

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$5 from each autographed copy purchased will be donated to Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute. The mission of this organization is to elevate the confidence and aspirations of high school girls by helping them build the leadership, collaboration and problem solving skills needed to become successful in their lives, families, careers and communities.