Why You Need A Laughter Break

When’s the last time you had a good laugh… not just a chuckle but the side-splitting, milk out your nose, almost pee your pants kind of laughter?  If you have to think before you answer, it’s been too long.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Lanette, the stuff going on in my life and business is no laughing matter.” And I get that. I know things can get messy and intense. 

But that’s all the more reason to seek out laughter.

It’s medicine for the soul. It releases endorphins - the feel-good chemicals in our brains that elevate our mood. Laughter is an excellent stress reliever. It makes it easier to cope with the most challenging situations. And according to places like the Mayo Clinic, it even has amazing long-term benefits like boosting your immune system.

It might feel like the best laughter is spontaneous but you can plan circumstances into your day to increase the likelihood that you’ll have something to laugh about. Things like…

-Calling the friend that always cracks you up.

-Taking time to recall a hilarious moment from the past and relive it.

-Attend a laughter yoga class — yup. it’s really a thing! 

Or maybe you’ll find yourself procrastinating and ending up in the land of YouTube. You can even use this as an opportunity for your benefit. If you’re there, you mind as well watch videos that strike your funny bone. 

There is a lot you can do… this is just a primer to get you thinking. The key is not leaving it to chance.

To show up in the world as your highest and best self, make room for regular, hearty laughter.