Truth: Your 'Best' Is A Moving Target

If you listen to my daily Alexa Flash Briefings you know that I end every episode with this directive: “Give your best to today…”

While I whole-heartedly believe this is something we should all strive towards… and I’ve come to realize it requires some explanation.

When I say “give your best” it’s important to understand that your best is not going to look the same every single day.

If ‘give your best’ feels like pressure, you are probably judging yourself thinking if everyday isn’t like the very best performance of your life then you’ve fallen short. But that’s simply not true.

Let me break it down with some examples.

-Your best on the day after you’ve had a sleepless night and are coming down with the flu is going to look much different than the day after you experienced a rejuvenating retreat.

-Your best on the day you lose an important client or account will not be the same as the day you are recognized for the powerful impact of your work.

-Your best on the day you are struck with feelings of grief will not be the same as the day you are experiencing joy.

When I say give your best to today, I mean the best you are capable of in this moment based on your current circumstances.

You are human. You will experience highs and lows; we all do. Allow space for that.

When you don’t feel like you are operating on your highest and best level by all means, step back, check in and consider if what you are doing is truly the best you can do right now… and if it is, rest easy.

Tomorrow is a new day.