7 Truths Every Time-Starved Woman Solopreneur Needs To Know

I hear it all the time… women who launch a business because they dream of gaining time freedom but end up drowning in tech and tasks that eat up every waking moment, zap their energy and steal their joy.

Growing a business takes work but the price shouldn’t feel like sacrificing your sanity.  Embracing these seven truths will help you reclaim your time and peace of mind.


TRUTH #1: Your life is the sum of all its parts.

Create and align goals that encompass every area of your life… not just your business.  Not only will it create more harmony between your personal and professional life it will help you become more clear about where you’ll get the best return on your time investments.  

TRUTH #2: Until you say it, no one knows.

Stop expecting the people in your life (family, friends, clients) to be mind readers. Help them understand what your expectations are and the consequences of not meeting them. Communicate your needs and create clear boundaries. Stand firm and follow through. 

TRUTH #3: If you don’t respect your time no one else will.

You set the standard. You train people how to treat you.

If you are available at all times of the night and day… if you allow other people’s priorities to consistently trump your own…if you tolerate continual interruptions…if you let tardiness slide…if you continually reschedule no-show clients…  you are sending a strong message that your time is not important. People will follow your lead.

TRUTH #4: Saying ‘yes’ to others is a habit.

Stop be bullied into making a snap decision, influenced by flattery, pulled in by FOMO (fear of missing out) or sucked into people pleasing mode. Be intentional. Create a pact with yourself that you won’t make commitments that impact your time until you’ve considered them through the lens of the 20-Second Decision-Making Model.

TRUTH #5: Saying ‘yes’ to yourself isn’t selfish.

The only way you’ll ever have the time to create a vibrant, rewarding life and business is by deliberately making space for it.  Being in alignment with the things that light you up will allow you to show up fully and bring your best self forward into everything you do.

TRUTH #6: Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s yours to do.

Don’t let your ego lead.  Let go of the belief that you are the only one who can do something.  You may have the skill but so do others. There is always someone else; sometimes they’re just waiting to be asked. Create an opportunity for that to happen. Delegate. Invite them to help. Be generous and allow others the chance to grow.

TRUTH #7: Guilt is optional.

When you say ‘no’ you are not rejecting a person; you’re simply passing on an opportunity. It’s not a judgment on worthiness; it’s a choice about whether it’s something in alignment with your vision, values, and current priorities. If someone tries to make you feel guilty about your choice, you don’t have to accept the invitation to participate in the process. Guilt originates in your thoughts, not theirs. 


I help women solopreneurs grow their impact and grow their bottom line without losing their minds.