Reframe Your Thoughts And Improve Your Results

A powerful skill to have in our toolboxes is the ability to reframe our thoughts. When we latch on to a negative thought it’s incredibly easy for that to spiral into a whole narrative that pulls us down instead of lifting us up.   It’s not a skill that is exclusive to business but it’s definitely one that is beneficial to hone and apply in that part of our life.

I had an opportunity to practice this myself, yesterday.

My business is in a growth phase and one of the things on my current action plan is to use Facebook ads to be able to reach and serve more people.

I’ve studied and worked with coaches & mentors in the past to understand how to create effective campaigns along with all the back end tech to make it work but it’s not a skill I’ve mastered… by a long shot.

Yesterday as I sat down to execute on my plan I found myself very challenged. There have been a ton of changes since the last time I was in the business manager platform and what was simple on paper was far from it in practice.

I grew increasingly frustrated, the negative thoughts started to swarm, and the cursing session began. Here a ‘G-rated’ snippet of what was swirling through my head:

”This is exactly why I don’t run fb ads. This is ridiculous. Why do they have to make things so complicated. I hate this. Why did I even think this would be a good idea.”

Multiply the intensity by about a thousand, feel your head throbbing and your blood pressure rising and that gives you a pretty accurate glimpse of how I felt in that moment.

This is where my reframing skill set came in and saved the day. ( I must acknowledge, could have made an appearance a little earlier but my stubbornness won out for longer than was necessary. ) Here’s what I did:

I stepped away so I could gain perspective then I gave myself a pep-talk. Instead of swimming in the negativity here what I said – out loud and more than once:

“You can do hard things. Let your tenacity and intellect serve you. It won't always be hard. You will grow through it.”

In that pep talk I reframed my focus from a place of blame (that ‘damn you, FB’ conversation I was having) to a place of empowerment. I acknowledged that it was hard but then threw some truth and perspective at it.

Yes. Parts of our business will be hard but when we allow our mindset to work for us instead of against us it’s much less daunting. 

Remember, we didn’t come this far to only get this far.


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