A Good Morning Starts At Night

I don’t know about you but I’ve been hearing lots of people talking about the importance of morning routines. Everyone has their own take on what makes a good one and I’m not going to debate or endorse any of them right now. Instead, I am going to focus on two things you can do at NIGHT to make your mornings even better.

The first thing I want to suggest is to spend a bit of time in the evening planning the next day. Just like when we were kids ( and when our own kids were little) and it made the morning go more smoothly when we laid out clothes and got our backpacks ready the night before, planning your tasks and pulling together what you’re going to need in the morning is going to bring a sense of focus and calm from the time you wake up. You’ll be clear about what your priorities are and know exactly what needs your attention rather than trying to figuring it out in the morning after your second cup of coffee.

I’d be willing to bet you’ll notice a significant rise in your productivity simply by doing this one thing. But let’s not stop there. I also want to share something that is going to help you rest better and wake refreshed.

Create an end of day ritual. Each night before you go to bed leave your ideas, concerns, and worries on paper. Pull out a sacred journal or notebook, set a timer and do a brain dump of all that is on your mind. Release everything to the page. It might take a few night’s but you’ll soon notice a change in your energy and a sense of completion and calm even when things are chaotic. Yes. Everything will be waiting there for you tomorrow but this simple practice is like giving your subconscious mind a permission slip to unwind and relax.

 Whether you choose to try out one or both of these strategies, there’s one thing I can say for sure:  the intentional time you invest at night will pay huge dividends in the daylight.