Relieve Stress With Gratitude

Need a little stress relief? Try a dose of gratitude. It may be just what the doctor ordered. I’m not talking about white-washing difficult times and pretending things aren’t tough when they clearly are. I’m suggesting you find something in the chaos, confusion, and pressure that you can be thankful for.

Like the time that I slipped on the ice and hurt my leg…

I wasn’t grateful that the fall made me slow down and rest. I could have found ways to do that without experiencing the pain. But I was grateful it happened at home and my husband was around to help me.

Or the time our basement flooded shortly after we have had invested money in finishing a beautiful ‘relaxation room’…

Gratitude wasn’t my go-to response… In fact, I cried.. a lot. But I did find gratitude for the plumber who was readily available to come and help us.

And the time recently when I tripped causing both myself and my laptop to slam to the ground (yes, I’m a bit clumsy!)…

I definitely wasn’t grateful it broke my laptop. Where gratitude came in was the awareness the situation created about why I needed to do a better job with backing up my files AND the need to have an additional computer so something unexpected like this wouldn’t put me out of business.

You don’t have to have a specific incident like these to benefit from gratitude. In fact, starting EVERYDAY, on a gratitude scavenger hunt is the best preventative care I can recommend for heading off stress.  When you experience your day through that lens… when you are intentionally seeking out things to be grateful for you’ll find them in abundance.

Start by looking for three things each day and grow from there. What I can say with 100% certainty is we find what we are looking for.

This week instead of justifying all the reason you should be stressed – deadlines, tech issues, health issues - (your familiar with the list) shift your focus to experiencing more gratitude.