Why The Best Goals Wear P.A.N.T.S.

Do you continually find yourself wrestling with the feeling that you don’t have time to do the things you want to do? Does it feels like your business is taking over your life? If you said yes, there is a better than good chance the reason why is that you forgot your P.a.n.t.s.

Let me explain.

P.a.n.t.s. is the acronym I created a few years back to remind goal setters (including myself) to Positively align now to succeed.

With goal setting, its not uncommon for all our focus to be on the business aspect of our lives. That is, afterall, the environment where most of us where introduced to the concept.  

If we do happen to set goals in other areas we treat each one as if it’s a silo… that it exists independently.  But that’s not how life works. What we do in one area, ultimately impacts something else. Everything is connected.

Taking time to step back and consider all of your goals at one time makes it easy to see where you are creating circumstances that by default mean you’ll have to sacrifice one thing in order to achieve another. Let’s make this a little more tangible.

Let’s say I have a goal to travel 3 days a week giving talks nationally. And let’s also say for sake of this example that I have a goal to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals with my husband every night.  Each goal independently sounds great and achievable but when you consider them TOGETHER, it’s obvious that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve both simultaneously. They are out of alignment.

Using this same example, if my primary focus remained on being on the road for work, one possible shift to create alignment could be to adjust my expectations around preparing home-cooked meals down to 3 or more nights a week.  

The value of consciously going through this process with all our goals – from travel and adventure to health and finance to the impact we want to make in the world -- is it gives us the opportunity to see where adjustments can be made to increase our odds of success.

Why does this matter? Without alignment, it will feel like you are always failing… like whatever you do is never enough. The absence of alignment creates chaos and God knows, we don’t need more of that in our lives.

I understand this process isn’t always easy. We can feel very strongly about our goals and not want to make any compromises or adjustments. But for the sake of our long-term success and happiness, it’s better to address the realities of the situation up front and prioritize our time, actions, and expectations based on those facts.

Goals, like life, won’t always be balanced but alignment will create harmony every single time.