The Dangerous Story Getting In Your Way

What’s the story you are telling yourself about the parts of your business you don’t love… the parts that test your patience and get under your skin?

Early in my entrepreneurial journey all things tech fell into this category for me.  The story I told – and believed with every ounce of my being – was that I was tech challenged. And I really didn’t see that as being negative because ‘challenged’ was a soft enough word… it’s not like I was saying I was stupid or calling myself an idiot though I often felt that way.

What I didn’t consider at the time was that I was repeatedly affirming that tech would be difficult for me, that it would be a struggle. And guess what? It was… painfully so.

But one day I had a lightbulb moment and realized this belief was getting in the way of achieving my goals so I started talking about myself differently. 

The new story I began to tell was that I was an emerging techie.  My knowledge base hadn’t changed but my mindset had. Almost immediately after making this simple but deliberate shift, I experienced tangible proof of its power.  

I was attempting to create a sales page and was bumping up against a formatting issue. I called tech support but was told that what I wanted to do was not possible. In the days of my old tech-challenged story, this conversation and outcome would have shut me down… but that’s not how an emerging techie handles things.  Emerging Techies get curious, tests programs & processes and create work arounds. So that’s what I did.

When I reviewed the coding on the sales page the answer literally jumped out at me with the enthusiasm of TIGGER (from Winnie the Pooh fame)… like it was just waiting there for me to find it.

If I had remained tied to my old story and mired in the mindset of struggle I wouldn’t have been able to see the solution even though it was right under my nose. And I certainly wouldn’t have become the tech savvy woman I am today.

Lack of time, money, talent, and connections are topics that get woven into debilitating tales with alarming regularity. Where do they show up for you? Where are these dangerous stories getting in YOUR way? Once you acknowledge the stories sparking your self-sabotaging behavior… actively get to work making empowering rewrites.