Most Overlooked Business Investment For Solopreneurs

I think we all know the importance of investing in our business but sometimes we can be short-sighted.

We think about the training we need to remain on the cutting edge of our industry and the tools of the trade that can help us grow but we don’t often think about the things that free up our time, energy and mind- space. More specifically, we overlook the investments we can make in our home life that can help us operate at a higher level in our business. This can be true of all small business owners but none as much as the solopreneur working from home.

Dishes that need to be cleaned. Floors that require vacuuming. Laundry that needs to be washed, folded and put away. These are all distractions that take us out of our zone of genius… not to mention being a great excuse to put of the tasks we’d rather not do in our business…. like bookkeeping and marketing.

(I had a client recently confess to me that her house is never cleaner than when she slips into procrastination mode in her business. Can you relate?)

These are just a handful of reasons why investing in house cleaning services can yield big dividends in your business.

Maybe you don’t feel like that’s within your budget – and it might not be – but take a closer look. It’s probably not as expensive as you think. And if you consider the productivity you’ll regain and the stress you’ll be able to release you may find it’s an absolute bargain.

Likewise, let’s not overlook the value of having meaningful conversations with the people in your home to actively enlist their help. They don’t have to go into full on Marie Kondo mode to make a difference. Get their buy-in and then let them contribute the best they can… even if it means the towels aren’t folded exactly the way you’d like them.

Give some thought today on what investments you’re willing to make at home to help you thrive in business.