Why You Need To Discover Your Prime Time

I'm curious. When do you feel the most productive, energetic and creative?

Likely if we were sitting down right now chatting over coffee, you could quickly rattle off activities that help you feel this way, but I wonder if you've taken time to notice any patterns about when you typically feel your best.

Maybe you identify as a night owl or an early riser, but can you pinpoint the two hours in your day when you are at your peak?

When you can clearly identify these times, you can begin to leverage them. Here's what I mean...

Maybe you schedule all of your meetings first thing in the morning so you can get them out of the way. Or maybe you created a routine where you run your errands and schedules, doctor, dentist and car maintenance appointments so you can take care of them right after you drop your kids off at school since you're already out of the house.

On the surface, both these situations seem like a good use of time -- and it might be -- unless the best two hours of your day falls squarely in this timeframe because this is your prime time when everything flows easier.

Doing mindless activities during this time robs you of the opportunity to do things that could most benefit from your sharp focus, maximum energy and boundless creativity.

Over the next seven days. I challenge you to do a personal energy audit. Get tuned in to where your two best hours generally fall. Then make adjustments to your schedule and routine so you can maximize them. You might just be surprised with how much more you accomplish, not mention how good you'll feel.