Why Other People Don't Respect Your Time

Do you ever feel like other people have zero respect for your time?

Maybe it's your significant other who continually interrupts you when you're trying to hit a deadline or a client that's notoriously late or always cancels or wants to reschedule it at the last possible moment or worse yet has a nasty habit of being a no show for your appointments.

At its best, this is aggravating behavior and at its worst, it's downright infuriating. The problem is that 99% of the time we’re placing the frustration with the wrong person. It's not them. It's the person in the mirror… It's you.


I know that's tough to hear because it stung for me, too, the first time I heard it but the hard truth is no one is going to value and respect our time unless we do. This is one of those places where our actions speak 10 times louder than our words.

Here are three actions you can take today:

1) Communicate your needs.

2) Set firm, clear boundaries.

3) Follow through.

Don't expect the people in your life to be mind readers. Help them understand what your expectations are and the consequences of not meeting them.

For example, let your client know that if she doesn't cancel her appointment 24 hours or more in advance, she'll forfeit her time and rescheduling will not be an option. Then stick to it.

Now maybe that seems harsh and isn't a boundary that feels like a fit for you. That's okay. Get clear on what does work for you and communicate that.

Where is it that you can do a better job setting boundaries and following through? Is it with your kids, your partner, your family, or maybe it is with your clients and outsourcing agents. My challenge to you today is to pick a place to start and build on it.