Your (Simple) Secret Weapon For Creating More Success

Success leaves clues and you are creating them. 

You may not be where you want to be but you are surely ahead of where you once were. Maybe you’re starting over or it might feel like for every step you take forward you are taking two steps back but I encourage you not to overlook all you’ve accomplished. 

A useful tool to help us all remember the impact we are making and how far we’ve come is a success file… It’s a place to store momentos and reminders of the things we have achieved and the lives we’ve touched.  It doesn’t have to be fancy… or it could be, if that’s how you roll. 

It could be as simple as a manilla file folder or could be something more spacious and sacred but it’s not the container that matters, it’s what you place in it.  

Every thank you card, every positive client comment, every record of a new skill learned… it’s all evidence of your impact and progress. 

And let’s face it, some days we all need evidence to disrupt overwhelm and negative thoughts to remind us why what we are doing even matters.  In addition to storing — and reviewing — these items, I recommend creating a weekly wins record, too. 

Little things matter and can easily be overlooked if we don’t deliberately make a practice of acknowledging them.   I’ve personally kept a success file of some sort since 2008, back in the days of my HR career. 

When it came time for my annual review following the first year of keeping one of these files,  I took time to recap each months accomplishments and other meaningful tidbits. I was actually surprised at how much I had to share. 

It’s no coincidence that’s the year I received the highest performance rating of my career. It’s not that I was performing significantly better, it’s that I was doing a better job acknowledging all I’d done.

This became powerful evidence that not only supported me in those months, but created a practice that has supported my growth ever since. 

When we acknowledge our success we make space to create more of it. 

There’s no better day to start acknowledging your success than this one. Set up your success file, snap a photo then head over to Instagram and post it.  Be sure to tag me @lanettepottle. I’ll be waiting there ready to give you a big high five!