Warning: Knowing Too Much Can Put You Out Of Business

Are you unwittingly contributing to the demise of your business? If you identify as a ‘learning junkie’, the answer may be a resounding ‘yes’!

Don’t get me wrong.

There is value in being informed and understanding trends.

It’s important to see the big picture and have a vision for where you want to go.

Understanding where you have learning gaps is essential for long term growth.

Where things begin to take a dangerous turn is when you get caught in the sparkly, spiral of the latest, greatest strategy, tool, course, or resource… when you are mesmerized by the flashy launch, the unbelievable ‘limited time’ offer or a irresistible freebie that makes it’s way to your newsfeed or inbox… when FOMO (fear of missing out) is driving your decisions.

The hard truth is even when a product or service comes highly recommended and is legitimately valuable, it doesn’t mean that now is the right time for you to dig into something new.

It all boils down to two things… timing and execution.

Before you opt-in for another freebie, subscribe to another tool, or hit the ‘buy now’ button, ask yourself these two questions:

#1: Is learning this new skill essential to achieve my goals for the next 6-months?

#2: Have I implemented, tested and refined what I have already learned about this topic?

Learning without putting your new knowledge into action isn’t going to move your business forward… and quite likely could bog you down and keep you stuck.

Today I leave you with these three reminders:

#1: Applied knowledge is power . It doesn’t matter how much you know if you never put it into practice.

#2: Just like it’s easier to give advice than take it, it’s easier to learn than execute. In the words of Amelia Earhart, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

#3: Building a solid foundation isn’t sexy but it stands the test of time.

Consider where you have gotten bogged down in learning and one new thing you will put into action this week.