Jumpstart Your Success In The New Year

Letting the transition from one year to the next quietly pass you by is a missed opportunity.  The intersection of the old and the new holds tremendous potential to shape what's ahead.  It's the opportunity to intentionally reflect on what's served you well in the past year, what you want to carry over into the new year, and what you surely want to leave behind.


To ensure a powerful start to your year, maximize this window of time by using my 3+3+3 process. It includes a series of prompts that focus on your highs and lows then uses the information gathered to help you set the stage for a remarkable first quarter...and beyond. 


This process is equally effective whether you are reflecting on your business, job/career, or personal life.  Whatever your focus, you'll get the most impact from this process when you consider each set of prompts in the order I share them here. 


The first three prompts are focused on the POSITIVE. The reasons we start here is because all too often the good stuff gets glazed over and we only focus on what went wrong. What went right can teach us a lot about our strengths and gifts. Giving attention to your positive results is recognizing the evidence of all you are capable of and the amazing outcomes you've created.  To uncover that evidence, use these prompts:


1)  What were your accomplishments... your goals met...the things worth celebrating this year?

2) When did you feel most vibrantly alive? What brought you the most joy?

3) When were you most proud of yourself...or surprise yourself by being able to do something you didn't think you could do?


The next three prompts are focused on the LESS than positive moments of the year.  As you work through these prompts it's important to reflect from a viewpoint of learning and growth, not shame and judgment.  The goal here is to help you identify where positive changes will support your goals in the upcoming year. 


1) Where did you allow fear to stop you from showing up and serving fully?

2) Which habits failed to serve you well?

3) When did you fail and/or let yourself down?


The final three prompts are FORWARD FOCUSED.  Based on the previous six prompts use the discoveries you've made to help guide and inform you as you answer these last three questions. 


1) How do you want to feel this year? Think about the activities and choices that help you feel the way you want to feel. How will you incorporate more of them into your daily plan?

2) What actions will you consistently take to intentionally create more positive outcomes and let go and leave behind what has not served you?

3) What one thing, if you accomplished this quarter, will bring you closer to achieving other goals you have for the year? 


Often, this process will prompt additional questions for you, too. Don't be alarmed; it's normal.  Honor and answer all the questions that show up.  Journal your answers so you can refer to them in the future.


Once you've given yourself time to deeply and honestly reflect on the experiences of the past year - both your actions and inactions- you will be well on your way to creating a powerful plan to jumpstart this new year.  Match this with consistent and deliberate action and you will generate results that gain impressive momentum throughout the year.