Success University For Women In Leadership - Beyond The Book (part two)

This is the second in a series of posts where I'll be introducing you to several of my fellow co-authors of Success University For Women In Leadership. In addition to sharing snippets from the book, I'll be asking authors questions that tap into their wisdom and go beyond the stories shared on the pages of their chapters.

Meet Co-Author Nannette Bosh

Nannette is an energetic speaker and marketing empowerment expert, teaching entrepreneurs how to grow and maximize their brand presence. She is the Founder of and She has been featured countless times in print, radio and televised media including a CBS Prime-Time Special.

Her ability to inspire and connect, along with a motivational style of post writing, earned her a worldwide social media ranking by among the Top 50 Facebook® Elite, alongside Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore and Premier Facebook® Marketing Expert Mari Smith.

A philanthropic mother of two, Nannette recently launched the network.

In her chapter, Lead Without Ego, she shares leadership insights and success strategies gained from a career experience where she was able to enhance employee morale and engagement through recognition. Nannette also shares her belief that,"Leadership is the ability of one life to positively influence another." (page 182) 

Beyond The Book

I recently had the opportunity to do a speed interview with Nannette.  What follows is the result of our conversation,

Q. How do you determine when to lead and when to follow?

A. In order to be a strong leader, one that can check their ego at the door, you need to view leadership as a give and take. You also need to listen to your gut, so you can understand when it is the time to lead and the time to follow. There are often times when leading, someone on the team may have an excellent idea or a unique way to solve a particular problem. If they are willing to take it on, then I’m willing to step back and follow their lead. It’s a win-win. They will feel empowered, and it lightens my workload.

Authentic leaders are confident in their abilities and therefore unafraid of being replaced. They know there is power in being surrounded by real talent, as their staff is their greatest asset. The best thing to do as a leader is to hire people who are strong in areas where you are not. My least favorite thing to do is organize, and I’ve always had an aversion to label makers. Once a member of my team, who was incredibly organized, offered to recreate the filing system for the entire office. I was happy to follow her lead and instructions, regarding “the new filing system” because organizing was her specialty. As the saying goes “you’re only as good as your team”.

Q. What’s been the biggest reward of developing your leadership abilities?

A. Over the years as I’ve continued to develop my leadership skills, I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned to benefit my staff. The biggest reward was not a corporate pat on the back or a bonus. To me, the real reward from my own leadership development was on the happy faces of empowered staff members. It’s amazing to me even their posture improved. The feeling of knowing you have lifted someone in such a way that they see themselves in a totally different light, now that’s rewarding.

Q. Sometimes being a leader can feel lonely. What is something you do to maintain a feeling of connectedness?

A. I don’t really feel lonely as a leader, but I can understand how that can happen sometimes. I think it’s mostly because I continue to surround myself with remarkable people, and I enjoy being around them. If you find yourself starting to feel a bit lonely as a leader, spend more time making a real connection with your team. You spend more hours at work with your staff then you spend with your family, so don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have a good laugh. If you are all connected, you won’t feel lonely.

Q. I talk a lot about creating success on your own terms. How do you think that applies to leadership?

A. I think success is not just a goal accomplished, or getting rich. Success is a mindset and shows up in as many ways as we are open to recognizing. I was once a single mother of two toddlers living in a friend’s basement. I had $70 dollars in my pocket. Did I want more for my sons and myself? Absolutely. Was this a success? Well, we had a roof over our heads and we had food and clothes. As the years passed, and our circumstances improved, I came to realize it was that experience that helped form my deep compassion for others. As a leader worth following, you need to be able to empathize with others, if not you’re just a barking boss giving orders.

Q. Great leaders allow space for laughter and fun.  In that spirit, describe your leadership style using a GIF. :)  

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