Why Time Management Leads To Burnout (And What To Do Instead)

You proudly declare that you live and die by your calendar  -- in all its color-coded glory -- but the truth is, you are doing more dying than living.

Your quest for organizational excellence is camouflaging the deep-rooted problem that’s leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed… the thing that’s zapping your energy and stealing your joy.

To those on the outside it appears you are super-efficient. Your reputation is that of a woman who gets things done. But if someone were to pull back the curtain they would see that its coming at an extremely high cost.  It’s draining the life out of you and sucking your soul. 

Finding a lasting, meaningful solution hinges on addressing the right problem. 

The problem isn’t that you need a system to 'manage' your time; it’s that you aren’t managing decisions in a way that values your time.

Keeping a tight, tidy calendar Is counter-productive when you cram it full of monotonous obligations, unfulfilling activities, and other people’s priorities.

Don’t get me wrong.  Organization and efficiency are important factors in long-term success but when you build a foundation that doesn’t honor and respect your boundaries or your dreams and priorities, it’s only a matter of time before things come crumbling down around you… or worse yet, you literally come tumbling down in a physical way like the collapse Arianna Huffington experienced and describes in her book, Thrive.

Compromising on what’s important to you happens in insidious little ways that have a huge cumulative effect.  Saying ‘yes’ to keep the peace, avoid guilt, and impress or make others happy, starts out innocently enough but ‘gradually then suddenly’ feels like it’s cutting off your oxygen supply.

Inside my Time Creation Course one of the key concepts I share is a simple but powerful tool I created to produce better outcomes; I call it the 20-second Decision-Making Model™. In short, the model ask three questions that act as a filter to help you quickly make decisions in a way that honor your time and support your total well-being:

1. Will doing this make me feel the way I want to feel… in the short and long term?

2. Is this in alignment with my 12-month goals?

3. Is this in alignment with my values?

Once you begin making decision informed by these questions you will inherently experience a shift in the quality of your life to create much needed breathing room and a greater level of fulfillment.

My challenge to you today is to commit to be as strategic in leading yourself as you are in leading others. Take an honest look at your calendar through the lens of this new solution.  Where will you make adjustments to respect your desires and value your time?