Success Through Collaboration

I have long been a fan of collaboration and creating win/win/win environments. When we shift our sole focus off ourselves and create space to support and lift up others in the process of reaching our goals, magic happens. Succeeding together creates and strengthens an infrastructure that supports exponential growth. 

One of my most recent collaborations has come in the form of a book: Success University For Women In Leadership. 

What makes this particular collaboration so special to me is that (1) I personally know most of the other authors in this book (2) it helps us all bring our book/author goals to fruition simultaneously and  (3) the value of what each author shares will have a tremendous positive impact on women around the world. 



Led by Jan Fraser and Catherine Scheers, Success University For Women in Leadership is a collaborative project featuring twenty women authors who have come together to  empower, educate, and support other women who are emerging as leaders or want to expand their leadership capacity.

Our group of authors hail from six countries around the globe and each brings leadership lessons gained through a variety of life and career experiences. There are four sections to the book -- transforming, inspiring, unifying and influencing.  My contribution can be found in the 'inspiring' section. 

In my chapter, Learn & Evolve, I give readers a glimpse into a bit of my leadership journey from my very humble beginnings to lessons I've learned and adopted from role models and the gift of helping others embrace leadership. 

"[Leadership] has nothing to do with a title and everything to do with how we show up in the world -- it's a way of life. There is always more to learn and new circumstances to challenge us. Leadership does not require perfection, only commitment. Wherever we are in our journey, whatever our background, we can become leaders in our families, our work, and in our communities." (page 106)


A couple of our co-authors may be familiar to you since they have been guests of The Success On Speed Dial Show -- Dina Blanco-Ioannou and Deanna Won.  In the days leading up to our official Amazon book launch on November 14th, I'll  be introducing you to a few others in a special blog series I call "Beyond The Book".  I can't wait for you to meet, Jan Fraser, Catherine Scheers, Colleen Sorensen, Nanette Bosh, Kristi Staab, Kathleen Seeley and others. 


If you want to see the raw, emotional moment when I saw our book for the first time you can watch HERE.
WARNING:  You may want to have a tissue handy. 


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