5 Things You Should Know About Me:

1. I am a professional but like to make work fun.

2. I am positive but not syrup-y.

3. I am direct but kind.

4. I am knowledgeable but not a know-it-all.

5. I am modest but proudly ‘own’ that I am really good at what I do.


5 Professional Moments I’m Wicked Proud Of:

1. The day I walked away from my nearly twenty year Human Resource career to turn my side-hustle into a full time business.

2. Being asked to share my story from Jack Canfield’s stage to an audience of 500 and nailing it - even though I was given virtually no time to prepare.

3. Release day for, ‘The Time Creation Course’. (my first online course.)

4. The 18-hour virtual launch I hosted for my first solo book, Small Steps Big Impact

5. Every time one of my clients achieves something she once believed was impossible.


5 Random Fun Facts About Me:

1. 80’s ‘hair bands’ are my favorite. (#BonJoviFan)

2. I've walked on hot coals. (#FireWalker)

3. I once completed a zip line obstacle course located above dozens of alligators. (#ScareMyself)

4. My first ‘real’ job was as a maintenance worker. (#ElbowGrease)

5. I’ve been gathering mice collectibles since I was 12-years old.

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I’m going to come clean right from the start…

I don’t have a magic pill for you.

What I do have is a ton of experience making mistakes.

The route I took to get here was full of bumpy roads, distractions and detours. There haven’t been any straight lines and there’s been nothing glamorous or sexy about it.


Failure served as a beautiful teacher to help me build resilience, tenacity, and valuable knowledge along the way.

Steep learning curves helped me to develop empathy for those whose confidence is waining even though they have more than enough talent to achieve their goals.

Trial & error led me to discover my zone of genius in helping other women birth, nurture, and raise their entrepreneurial dreams.

How can you use all of this to your advantage?

Like Groucho Marks so wisely said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.”

You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

Place your focus on the destination and I’ll help you navigate your way there; consider me your personal GPS.

I’ve been traveling this road long enough to know which shortcuts are filled with hazards and dead ends and which ones get you where you want to go more quickly.

I can balance you out and keep things in check so even on the craziest stretches of road you won’t experience a case of road rage or get stuck in the break down lane.

I know when it’s time to step on the gas and when to apply the brakes.

I know where it’s safe to let down your guard… and when you need to ‘lock the doors’.

I know about dangerous blindspots and shine a spotlight on them at every turn.

In short, having me in the passenger seat — right along side you on this journey — will make your trip a whole lot quicker and easier, not to mention, more scenic and fun.

(I’ll even let you pick the radio station.)


Want to skip the metaphors and get straight to my ‘official’ bio?

Lanette Pottle, founder of Positivity Lady Enterprises, is an award-winning life and business strategist who specializes in teaching entrepreneurial women how to achieve their most audacious business goals without sacrificing their personal well-being in the process.

No stranger to stressful, frustrating or dysfunctional environments, Lanette uses the trials and triumphs of her own life to pour into the hearts and souls of ambitious women around the world.

 A writer with a global appeal, Lanette has published two books.  She is co-author of the Amazon #1 International best-seller, Success University for Women in Leadership and author of, Small Steps Big Impact: A Year of Simple Actions to Transform Your Life.

She is a graduate of Washington County Leadership Institute, a board member for The Maine Women’s Fund, and a past advisor with Olympia Snowe Women's Leadership Institute.

Lanette lends her expertise and speaks on a variety of topics including how to set and achieve “impossible” goals, how to become a master time creator, and how to leverage positivity and kindness to impact the world.

To experience her transformational work for yourself — or bring her to your organization — contact Lanette directly.