Praise + Love + Thanks

  • “I loved going through Lanette's Smarty Pants Goal Achieving Master Class! She has really formulated a system that can make an impact on your life and how you tackle your goals. The support and accountability that she provided inside of the private Facebook was priceless! I highly recommend the program.”

    Julie Lowe
    Julie Lowe Founder, Socially Aligned
  • "We loved your content, your energy, and your delivery! I would recommend you to anyone that needs advice on how to achieve more. You ROCKED the training and we appreciate YOU!"

    Secha MacMichael Rich
    Secha MacMichael Rich Ambassador, Visalus Sciences
  • "I was fortunate to attend one of Lanette’s day-retreats. The content was provocative and our entire group really bonded, thanks to Lanette’s graceful facilitation skills. What makes her work so valuable is that she freely shares her hard won experience and wisdom. She is the epitome of an honest, courageous, trainer/human being."

    Ruth Cash-Smith
    Ruth Cash-Smith Event Attendee
  • “Lanette is positively the BEST at what she does! She has a style of providing information, along with an interactive component, that participants thoroughly enjoy.”

    Connie Farquharson
    Connie Farquharson 1136th TC, MeARNG Family Readiness
  • "The Attracting Happiness Retreat was an empowering, honest, and insightful event. Lanette glimmers with energy and beams with compassion. I can't wait to share future events with loved ones!"

    Emily Van Ormer
    Emily Van Ormer Event Atendee
  • "I can't begin to thank you enough for today's workshop! It WAS the shot in the arm I needed at this point in my life!!!"

    Marianne Moore
    Marianne Moore Owner, Curves of Calais
  • Lanette helped me find clarity through chaos; I don't seem to be frazzled by projects anymore. I've learned to see many manageable tasks rather than one big overwhelming task to reach my goals. This has been a huge help to me both personally and professionally.

    Andrea Guerra
    Andrea Guerra Posh: Frugal Fashionista, Creative Director/Designer

It’s time to shake things up!

Live more fully and let your authentic self shine.

Create a life filled with rich relationships, fulfilling work, and meaningful contribution.

Choose your own priorities.  Experience abundant joy.   Live adventurously. 

Be completely comfortable in your own skin. Feel vibrantly alive.

Get ready to make some small changes  –and yes, some big ones too!

Together we’re about to create a strategy to helps you achieve all this and more.

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