You’re an action-taking woman… no stranger to success.

But somewhere along the way of growing your career everything else in your life has started to feel like it’s falling apart at the seams. You’re proud of all your accomplishments but you’re exhausted and overwhelmed. It feels like the stress in your life is compounding every week.

It’s been far too long since you’ve felt vibrantly alive.

Being all things to all people is draining the life out of you. You’re frazzled to the core.

You’ve lost touch with your bliss, your passions, your dreams and desires.

It’s time to change that… and you’re in the right place to start!

Hi! I’m Lanette Pottle, Founder of Positivity Lady Enterprises.

As a mom & high achieving woman who has helped raise five kids while having full time career, volunteering in my community, creating a charitable organization, and building my own business, I feel your pain; I’ve been there.

I can also confidently tell you there’s a way to joyfully manage it all, making a positive impact in your home, community, and business while still honoring yourself; I’ll show you how.

 I’m in your corner and ready to teach, coach, mentor, support, and encourage.

When you are ready to shake things up

To Make Some Small Changes (and Yes, Some Big Ones Too!)

In Order to Live Fully and Nurture Your Best, Authentic Self…

I’m Here For You!

Together we can create a strategy that helps you stress less, achieve more, and create the time & space to savor life’s juicy goodness.

From fun & helpful freebies like my blog, mini-courses, & weekly tips to my highly-praised online course, SMARTy Pants Goal Achieving Master Class  and live, in-person events & retreats, you’ll find something here to help make a positive shift and create the fulfilling life your longing for.

  It’s Your Time; Let’s Get Started.

Feel like you need to know more about me before you jump in?  

a woman of strength

And here’s the glossy third person edition of who I am:


Inspirational thought leader Lanette Pottle empowers women to stress less and achieve more in business and life. As an international speaker, trainer, and facilitator of breakthroughs, she assists women in taking time to enjoy all life’s juicy goodness. Founder of Positivity Lady Enterprises and the high-impact Positive Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Network, Lanette infuses her work with positivity, kindness, and gratitude; her authenticity and down-to-earth style is what endears her to global audiences.

Through her signature program, SMARTy Pants Goal Achieving Master Class, Lanette helps women strategically create and live more passionate and fulfilling lives. Lanette Pottle  is author of the forthcoming book, Amplify Your Impact: Live Your Passion.  Embrace Adventure.  Do Good.  She walks her talk and lives her version of the good life in small town Maine.

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